Lake drive from Bavaria to Austria

Route by
Thomas Lotter
Influencer & Travelblogger

If Bavaria is known for anything aside from Oktoberfest, then it’s for the picturesque mountains, lakes, and, of course, castles. Explore classic Bavarian excursions on this route and travel a little further towards Austria. It starts at the Alpsee: the Alpsee is located close to the castle Neuschwarnstein and offers a series of clearly-marked hiking trails and beautiful surroundings. Next, we continue in the direction of the Plansee. In addition to its picturesque mountains and clear water, the lake has a scenic road that runs directly alongside the lake, providing an opportunity to combine impressive panoramas with the pleasure of driving. Take advantage of this scenic route to take a few breaks along the way and admire the landscapes. The Ammerwald and its surroundings are directly northeast of the Plansee and offer wonderful winding roads that run through picturesque forests and rock crevices. In addition, there are a variety of trails waiting for eager hikers. The last stop on this route is the Eibsee, undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in Germany.

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