The Nordics

Along the Norwegian coast

Route by
Hannes Becker
Influencer & Travelblogger

From Preikestolen, past Lake Lovatnet, via Træna to Reine, and then to Skaland — if you travel along the Norwegian coast, you will experience a constant change between land and water. The start and finish of the trip are located just under 1,300 kilometers apart as the crow flies, but the countless fjords and islands force you to make beautiful detours. The first stop of the tour is Preikestolen. This rock rises 604 meters above the Lysefjord and is thought to be one of the most impressive viewpoints in the world. Now head north through the famous kinks of Geiranger Road to the Trollstigen (Troll Road) with its 11 hairpin turns, then on to the shimmering, green Lake Lovatnet. Dizzying views of mountain slopes, waterfalls, and fjords await you in the shadow of the 3 mountains: Kongen (“King”), Dronningen (“Queen”), and Bispen (“Bishop”). The next leg leads you to the island of Træna, and then on to the Lofoten and the fishing village of Reine, which is distributed over several islands. From there, it is not far to Sakrisøy, a nearby, tranquil fishing village, which has been run by the Gylseth family for 5 generations. The next stop is Kvalvika Beach. It is located in a bay on the northeastern side of Berg Moskenesøya. Continue on to Hesten-Berg, from which there is a spectacular view of the Segla. The destination of the trip is Skaland, on the banks of the Bergsfjord.

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